Welcome to the DE-DC-MD Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (ASFAA) web site also known as Tri-State.

I am excited to be the chair of the DE-DC-MD (Tri-State) Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (ASFAA) for the 2015-2016 year. Being a member of Tri-State my entire financial aid career has allowed me to gain access to a great networking community.

As an association, we plan to continue to offer a variety of training events in addition to keeping your offices abreast of changes on the hill. We will continue to provide employment listings as a benefit of membership, giving members access to career opportunities.

With budgets being tight we feel that our membership rates, conference and training costs are reasonable while at the same time providing much value.
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2016 Tri-State Fall Conference
November 7-9, 2016
Cambridge, Maryland

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DE-DC-MD Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators will advocate and promote equal access to post secondary education for all students. We will counsel and encourage our students and each other to reach our goals and dreams. For financial aid professionals, we will continue to provide training for all levels of financial aid personnel, from front line counselors to those in complex leadership positions. Our organization will provide a positive impact for the education of our country.

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